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Yerba Mate Rosamonte is a highly recognized brand in Argentina. This plant provides vitamins, stimulates the muscular system and lung activity and regulates the heart rate. It causes feeling of well-being, vigor and intellectual lucidity. It is diuretic, digestive and improves the absorption of nutrients, regulating all its assimilation functions. It does not produce acidity.

"How to prepare YERBA MATE"


-Fill three quarters of the mate with YERBA MATE ROSAMONTE.


-Shake covering the mate's mouth with your hand.

- Pour a jet of cold or warm water in the part of the mate where there is less Yerba Mate ROSAMONTE grass and place the bulb there.


- Prime the mate by pouring the water near the bulb to avoid wetting all the Yerba Mate.

- Do not move the bulb so that the dried Yerba Mate does not get wet.

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